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#delordstories 01 – Go Back Home

By 4 February 2020No Comments

Writing is relaxing and liberating for me. In this space you will find extracts and shares from my notes, ideas, ideas, reflections that I want to share with you web reader who follows me, so that you can create a comparison and a mutual stimulus to an interview from the Latin colloquium, derivation of collŏqui or ” talk together “.

Christian Carlino “DeLord”

I’m working on something new. In the past few weeks, I have felt the need to have a clear intention for what I am trying to create in music.

I have worked on some aspects that I have never given much weight to and they are giving me a new vision for what I want to express. For example, yesterday I was exploring a starting point for some notes that made me think a lot about the concept of “going home“.

christian carlino delord tornare casa bologna
Photo taken during my trip around Estonia.

Initially the cell of notes that I had found resounded me from a very distant time, then starting to investigate little by little I followed the road. Little by little that cell has turned into something familiar but much more evolved, much more similar to what I feel. Going home, but in what sense?

Initially I had not understood where this cell of notes that he had decided to come to meet me was trying to take me. Apparently I seemed to listen to a medieval song, in the distance, an echo, a succession of almost palpable colors …

I closed my eyes for a moment and everything became clearer. That cell changed shape and turned into something more recognizable, familiar. “Going home” my soul whispered, “go home“. And it is at that moment that tears and joy took over, materialized before my eyes an indescribable clarity. The awareness that this infinite search in which I am participating that is life has settled in me has only made me understand the more we move away from ourselves (our home), the more then everything will sound less familiar and far away but, at the same time, all this remoteness will be nothing more than a great experience to fully understand our essence.

christian carlino delord tornare casa bologna2
Photo taken during my trip around Estonia.

Music is a powerful tool to dance on these spaces and guide us home. I want this music to find its space and the emotions encourage people to explore everything they are, with an open heart.

I feel that this time needs our emotions to become the fundamental basis on which to evolve and live. Sometimes I wonder, why as a man should I be ashamed if I cry? Or again, is it wrong to clearly show our intentions?

This society in which we live has created models that are helping to awaken our emotions in us, it will be up to us to choose whether to follow them or continue to appear.

Now I want to share with you some questions to discuss together:

  • Have you made decisions only for you?
  • Have you perceived better what gives you pleasure and what doesn’t?
  • How many times have you done things because they were imposed on you?

To these and other questions I am trying to give an answer in music, soon …

See you soon,

Christian Carlino “DeLord”

Write in the comments below what emotions do you feel about this reflection.

Christian DeLord

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