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The project started with the aim of bringing East and West, two cultures apparently poles apart but they have in common, deep roots and progressive loss of identity caused by globalization.
Globalization has in fact devoured everything that is tradition and culture, destabilizing and removing people from their origins and essence.
The protagonist and main theme of the whole project is the Love that nowadays is almost never taken into account if not as a tool, emptying it of meaning and intensity. Love understood not only between man and woman, but also as a force that moves and nourishes people and enrich their soul through the passions, culture, sharing and spirituality. All of which will be touched and recounted in 9 tracks and video clips that will be part of Gate.
Gate is the title of this project which sees the realization of 9 songs and 9 related video clips. Thanks to the video images you want to tell a route and each clip will be a chapter of this story.
Gate represents the first Italian experiment of a music-series, which is a record that will be released in three different parts, and see the light in the space of a year; the disc will be accompanied by nine video clips published each month. The project will close at the end of 2017 with the installation of 9 video clips into a short film, full of remix versions of the songs, and more.

GATE the new project from TIA & DeLord
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october 2015


november 2015


december 2015

In the first 3 videoclip the main actor is the love between man and woman. It tells how a love can be born: the randomness, the intensity, the shyness, the joy, the looks, the uncertainty, the uncovering. We want to emphasize the look more poetic and magic of this feeling, an aspect that especially in our time has forgotten, exploiting the Love emptying it of the true and deep feelings. In the video, through the eyes of the two protagonists and the music that accompanies in their meetings, we live the intensity of their feelings.
The scenario of history is Italy and its culture that is expressed in different situations and blend into the Asian culture of the protagonists. There is special attention to the architecture that, from the most ancient to contemporary, contextualizes the location


april 2016


june 2016

If in the first 3 video we talk about classic and if we want to love granted, namely that between man and woman, in the next three videos we’re going to turn thought to give Love a more personal and spiritual.

  • Individuality love as: or the love for oneself; self-expression; personal growth.
  • Love as Passion: their passions and interests; do what gives us joy to do.
  • Love as Culture: the study, knowledge, knowledge as a source of freedom.
  • Love like bond: the roots, friendship, sharing and interaction.
  • Love as Spirituality: a Credo, meditation, research.


march 2017


april 2017

Bonus Track

march 2016