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Delord&TIA Gate | TOBIRA english

TOBIRA =Japanese synonymous with the word “door”.

It ‘something that opens.


Aya is a young Japanese student in love with Italy and decide to visit the city of Parma to go in search of the past of the great composer Giuseppe Verdi. Also you want to taste the flavors of the cuisine of Emilia. Aya is directed to Parma by train, but accidentally falls to the Reggio Emilia Station. There is something unusual and trying to figure out if it’s in the right station. Meanwhile Chen (a young Thai boy with a passion for art that is in Italy for work) has accompanied his friend (DELORD) at the Reggio Emilia Station and realizes that Aya wanders lonely with some difficulty so He asks if she needs help. Chen understands that Aya is in the wrong station because it is located in Reggio Emilia and not in Parma. Aya feels lost and sad. Chen very kindly offered to accompany her to Parma. She accepts. Together they go to the car and Chen accompanies Aya in Parma.


Copyright year and holder: Copyright 2016 Christian Carlino DeLord | Mattia Rissone TIA

Download TOBIRA from the DeLord Official Store

Download TOBIRA from the TIA Official Store

DELORD – TOBIRA Official Music Video

DeLord – Aya Shimotani – Shayne Witoon Chuisaeng

Producer: Christian Carlino DELORD | Mattia Rissone TIA
Music Producer: Christian Carlino DELORD | Mattia Rissone TIA

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